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About Rope walks

RopeWalks is a name given to a vicinity of Liverpool city centre that runs from Lydia Ann Street to Renshaw Street widthways, and from Roscoe Street to Hanover Street lengthwise.

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The name is derived from the craft of rope-making for sailing ships that dominated the area until the 19th century. It is characterised by its long, straight streets running parallel to each other. The streets were built in this way to allow rope manufacturers to lay the ropes out lengthways during production. There are a number of historic warehouse buildings and it owes much of its character to the rope-making industry.

The area includes the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, Europe’s oldest established Chinatown, the grand façade of St. Luke’s bombed-out Church, and a number of cafés, bars and clubs.

What’s on Rope Walks

The Ropewalks is a part of Liverpool that combines old and new. Once crowded with warehouses and merchants’ houses (and later, slums), this area was built for the city’s seafaring trade; its long, straight streets were used to weave rope for sale to ships docked in port. The area has reinvented itself as the city’s “independent quarter”, and the mish-mash of historic streets and renovated warehouses, creative cafés and music venues makes it one of Liverpool’s best districts to explore.

At its heart is Bold Street, home to Japanese restaurant Miyagi (don’t miss the brownie spring rolls), Indian food at Mowgli, Bold Street Coffee, LEAF café and small plates at Maray. Shops-wise, don’t miss Utility, stocked with rather special homeware, and the long-standing radical bookshop News from Nowhere. Vintage lovers can also get their fix at 69a on Renshaw Street, which sells everything from dusty 1970s ceramics to pre-war telephones.

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