How To Market My Local Business With Google – A Liverpool Italian Restaurant Example

How To Market My Local Business With Google – A Liverpool Italian Restaurant Example

Want to be able to dominate Googles local search results for your business?

Then you need to read this quick overview…

The first thing that we need to do is focus on keywords and keyword research. Don’t know what this is? Then I will leave a link to an article and probably and a record a video that will explain exactly what keyword research is and how to go about it using free tools available to anyone.

So let’s say we want to rank for the search term “best Italian restaurants in Liverpool”. Google knows your location based on a variety of methods such as your IP address, mobile signal of the phone, etc.

To illustrate this and why it is so important to focus on relevant keywords I’ll first run a broad search for best restaurants


The search resulted in a monthly volume of around 700.

This result is based on my locality that has been determined by Google, but with mobile networks sometimes this is not totally accurate so for the purposes of this post I will narrow my search query to “best Italian restaurants Liverpool”.

So let’s look at this keyword phrase that we’ve got now and see what exactly it means to be able to rank this keyword for a local business or our Liverpool based business.


Our search volume of 390 per month but this needs to be taken in the knowledge of related searches that the keyword phrase will rank for…

…Great news! Google will also rank for similar phrases that all have their own search volumes, so I suggest that we assume this keyword will receive a minimum of 800 related search volume per month and possibly much more, depending on the keyword you are trying to get eyes to and clicks to.

If you look at the data supplied by keywords everywhere we can see CPC and that is quoted as being 95 cents per click.


Google operates a bidding system for keywords so this is just a guide of what you will pay to get clicks to Google AdWords ads, but we can take this as a ballpark figure.

With that assumption…

…we have a potential of around 28 clicks a day (800 searches a month / 28 days) on a single ad that is displayed by AdWords.

Approximately 30% or 9 searchers will click on our ad and that will result in 9 highly targeted and motivated visitors coming to our site, landing page or offer.

So for an investment of approximately 9 US dollars a day we can get 9 visitors and if just a tiny, tiny, tiny 10% of these highly targeted leads convert into paying customers we have an additional 25 new restaurant table covers coming to our business per month.

If we estimate that the average cover in Italian restaurants is going to be worth , on the low side, about £90 we can see that this presents a potentially very profitable investment for local restaurants.

£252 ad spend for £2,250 cashflow into our business…

Not a Bad return!

…and that doesn’t take into account future revenue generated by customer loyalty and direct marketing methods. For more info on the subject of LTV (Lifetime Value) see my introduction video here

Moving onto next data token supplied by the keywords anywhere chrome extension, we’ve got a competition score. This relates to the competition between advertisers for the keyword we are targeting. If there are lots of advertisers competing for the ad space then the competition will be higher.

In this case we know that there is nobody advertising in Google’s serps for “best Italian restaurants Liverpool” as there is no advert showing up.

So here we have a very specific query that is getting searches in a highly localised area.

And it’s wide open to anyone who wishes to bid on this keyword and immediately get to position 1, page 1 of Google…makes you think huh?

Key takeaway from the section is that we need to optimise for keywords that are relevant to people searching for our local services and what our business offers to the market.

The next real world method and strategy to beat our competitors, make our phones start ringing more and bringing customers and cash flow into our business is a well optimised, maintained and frequently updated/ monitored Google my business listing.

Because no one is paying for ads in Google for our search term “best Italian restaurants Liverpool” then the first thing that shows in Google is what called local map pack often referred to as the snack pack.

No business is paying to have their restaurant listed in the map pack which shows the first 3 results from Google Maps on page 1 of Google general search page the serps.

Google my business listings and accounts are free for any business that claims the listing. It’s important to note though that even with a listing that is not claimed people can leave reviews about your business, both good and bad, so it’s critical to claim and manage your listing in order that you can maximize positive benefits to this key piece of digital real estate for your Liverpool based business.

The key components to having an optimised and well ranking Google my business listing are…

  • A website that ranks well in Google for local search terms and is directly linked to your Google my business listing. Google is all about quality and relevant content that will answer searchers queries.
  • Customer reviews. Google relies on information that it finds on the web about your local business. Positive reviews help to establish in Google eyes that you will answer and provide a solution to searchers queries and questions. It also monitors how you respond to reviews so it’s important to monitor your Google my business listing and thank people for positive reviews and to also answer and provide solutions to people who leave negative feedback.
  • Citations. These are a type of backlink and Google loves backlinks! Citations that are are relevant to your Google my business listings (referred to as NAP which stands for name address and phone number) these should be constant and identical across all listings that relate to your business. Citations are essentially mentions about your business across the web and for businesses you should be looking for high quality local citations wherever possible. Citation sources can come from the likes of Thomson Local, Yelp, TripAdvisor, local business directory listings provided by local government offices and local Media outlets.
  • Backlinks. In Google eyes a backlink is a positive vote for your website and your business. Try to gather more backlinks than your competitors have to their sites. I will record a video to show how you can go about finding these backlinks and citations.

The next item on our agenda to focus on is on and off page optimised SEO for your local business, your Liverpool Italian restaurant in this case…

The main things we need to consider and optimise are:

  • Keyword research.
  • Relevant and high quality content.
  • Backlinks.

Broadly speaking and with all other things being equal once you’ve completed your keyword research and found keywords and phrases (keywords can be singular and plural) that searches are looking for and that you’ve published relevant and high quality locally focused content on  then the key determinant of who will rank higher between you and your competitors will be be the amount and quality (authority) of backlinks to your site. It’s important to remember that Google looks at the backlinks going to your site as a ranking factor also for your Google my business listing in the local map pack.

Your Google My Business and your website rankings are correlated and one cannot ignore the other. Think of them as team members helping each other so that the team wins the match. 

But whenever there is a Google Map pack and your business serves a local market, your primary focus should be on PPC (paid ads and Google My Business) for quick wins and organic ranking for long term stability.

So we’ve covered the paid advertising aspect of using Google to promote our hypothetical Liverpool,based local business to get the to the top of Googles search page with people going to be looking facing the better say is your advert II things are going to say in this example would be your Google my business listing in the the map Snapback you need to be in there in a position 1 2 or 3 if possible because a huge amount of quick generated by the Google my business listings and then thirdly we need to be paid 1 in the SEO which is Google Search paid so it’s adverts Google my business and then SEO.

So let’s have a look at Googles results on page 1.

For the sake of being able to effectively show some concepts and things to bear in mind, I’ve taken a snapshot of the top three results from Google page one.

You can see that the first two results are directories and review sites and this highlights the importance of getting reviews from your customers on as many quality and authoritative review sites as possible.

The next organic result, position 3, is a website of an Italian restaurant that is based in Liverpool. You will notice that the website URL contains location in this case Liverpool (EMD’s or partial EMD’s still carry some ranking power) which will probably help with the organic ranking.

But you also have to consider on page optimisation for all of the sites web pages, including hyperlocal keywords and lsi keywords, mobile friendliness of site and pages, site load speed, metadata optimisation and of course internal and external backlinks.

so the key takeaway from all of this and how to rank your your Liverpool based business in the search engines predominantly Google dot there are three key things to focus on:

and, and not surprisingly, this also Focuses on on getting as much digital real estate on page 1 of Google as possible and we do this by using:-
paid advertising and in Google this is is AdWords
and optimised and maintained Google my business listing.
business relevance backlinks.

whilst only Google Nose it’s exact ranking algorithm the three key points discussed in this article will set you up ferrywell l2b ranked quickly and consistently in Google and drive Leeds, customers II’s and profits into your you’re a Liverpool business.

Hope this helps 😉


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