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Birthdays = Great Opportunity

Our Birthday Club is an excellent way to bring in new business to restaurants, salons and lifestyle businesses.

Using our unique marketing techniques, we are able to put your offer in front of thousands of local customers that are having a birthday THIS WEEK! By tapping into this profitable audience who we already know are planning on celebrating soon, we can use creative tactics to get them in your door.

Here at Digital Focus Marketing, we have developed a new method that not only gets them in your business spending money within the week but also gets them on your marketing lists for future promotions.

That means more money now AND fewer slow times in the future!

Direct Response Marketing

Many times the most efficient way to increase your revenue is not to bring in more customers, but to get your current customers coming back more often!

The old way to do loyalty was either with punch cards that were inaccurate and easy to lose, or with expensive systems that required a huge upfront investment.

Our loyalty program is cloud-based, meaning you don’t need to invest in any new software or clunky hardware. You can choose to either keep track of visits, amount spent, or coupons redeemed. Whichever you choose, your customer will be rewarded based on those metrics.

This method combines email and text messaging to keep your customers coming back over and over again. Great for restaurants, spas, salons, and retail.

Online Advertising

The fast track to new customer acquisition.

Using Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube we can target people most likely to want your product and service ensuring a great return on ad spend.

Who Am I?

My name is Phil Home and I've been involved in online marketing since 1997.

A published author and pragmatic, hands on innovator who loves being at the forefront of marketing innovations at the local, national and international level.

Phil Home BA, MA, MBA

No jargon, no spin, just proven methods, tactics and strategies that work.

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